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Katelyn & Jason's Wedding Day

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

There is a venue just outside of downtown Shelby, NC called the Spinning Leaf at North Lake. A distanced driveway from the main road separates this sprawling venue from the noise of any traffic that may be passing by unheard. There is a bridge that leads to an area with chandeliers in the trees and a barrel in between the two bodies of water. The fountain on the right can be seen from just beyond the railing of the outdoor shaded patio. Katelyn and Jason have this fountain as their backdrop for their ceremony, just behind their arch, which is draped in white fabric and lavender flowers. The small blue brick building beside the patio is where Jason is hiding to avoid seeing his bride before the ceremony. Up the red brick stairs is another uncovered patio just outside of the larger blue building. Inside Katelyn is setting up the final touches to her decor while her hair and makeup look absolutely stunning. Katelyn’s mom is taking care of jobs that she is not able to complete herself.

We start with getting ready shots. We include capturing the bridesmaids and groomsmen at this time because without them, getting ready could be stressful and lonely! As the decorations are completed we capture the empty ceremony chairs and arch with our camera and our drone. We have already talked about a game plan with the photographer by this point so we know how to avoid getting in each others’ shots as much as possible. We also discuss options for capturing audio with the DJ to get the best quality possible from their equipment. We put wireless mics for recording audio on the officiant and Jason, and set up our tripods with cameras for the ceremony. Jen walks around with her gimbal as the ceremony starts and I am stationed at the front to capture everyone entering, we also have two more cameras on tripods that will show different angles. Once Jason is in place, we capture his reaction to Katelyn as she is walking down the aisle with her brother. The ceremony is lovely and thorough. They kiss and the recessional begins with bubbles! What a beautiful and happy way to exit.

Pictures with family and the bridal party ensue as the cocktail hour begins. We begin to collect memories and best wishes from friends and family as they wait until the reception officially begins. When the entrances start, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are paired up and walk through the front doors, around the tables, and into the room with their reserved seating. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson are announced, the pastor says a prayer, and dinner is served. Once we eat, we bring Katelyn and Jason back outside for a little golden hour and blue light pictures and video. They return for toasts, cake cutting, their first dance, and a mother son dance. Once the sparkler send off is completed and the final party group is outside smoking cigars, we take pictures with the bride and groom (and the photographer Jessie!), and say our goodbyes. We completed another successful wedding day for our lovely clients. We drive home in the dark but we know that our gear contains all of the love and fun that was shared by everyone that day.

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