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Splurging for the Extras - Drone Edition

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

You know that you need videography for your special day. You know you have a specific vision for what you want your video to look like. Regardless if you have already decided to include drone in your package for your wedding day videography, let’s talk about how this will take your film to the next level.

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Technology is always changing, evolving, improving. Drones are a new addition to the way that cinematographers can capture moments and scenery. Not just any videographer can use a drone, and make the footage into a beautiful film to be included in your wedding day. You need to find someone who is licensed and experienced. Check their portfolio specifically for these beautiful shots that add to the capturing of memories on this special day.

Before drones, cinematographers used to utilize cranes, helicopters, planes, and many different types of ways to gain height for their shots. As you can imagine, some of these methods would become costly and quick depending on the type of aerial footage you were shooting for your video. With the emergence of drones, all of the costs for the videographers are simply the initial purchase, the limited maintenance and upkeep, taking the pilot test, and re-certifying every few years. This translates to a much cheaper price point for you on your wedding day!

We are used to seeing what the camera normally shows because it is usually from our perspective that the shot is filmed. The wow factor that catches the eye are those shots that are not normally seen from a perspective that would be difficult for us to achieve without help aside from our own two legs. Add movement and angles, and you’ve got some impressive footage! Not only is the aerial footage something that is eye-catching, it will also evoke emotions from you and your loved ones as you relive your special day of your wedding every time you watch your film. You can literally “picture” your event from a birds eye view and your guests can pick themselves out while attending your wedding!

Not only should you look for a videographer who is a licensed pilot, you need to make sure they are insured in case something happens to cause damage or harm from a drone. The videographer should be knowledgeable about airspace and flight restrictions, and how to gain proper authorization when applicable. Recreational drone pilots are now even required to take a test to ensure knowledge while flying this unmanned aircraft, so a commercial licensed drone pilot should know everything there is to know about safely piloting to get footage for your wedding day!

At Weaver Wedding Films, we have fly with a legally registered drone through the FAA and licensed since 2019. Look through our portfolio and watch for our epic drone shots that have been providing couples with beautiful footage for over two years! Drone footage is a minimally priced add-on to all of our packages, be sure to ask about this priceless addition with your inquiry today!

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