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5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

You've hired most vendors on your wedding checklist, but maybe there's one you're questioning: Why hire a wedding videographer? Some couples toy with adding this particular vendor by presuming it's an unnecessary cost, but it's worth it. Take it from couples who didn't hire a videographer on their wedding day (many say it's one of their greatest regrets).

wedding photographer and videographer packages

While professional wedding photographers are total experts at capturing moments from your day, there are some things they can miss. Having a professional wedding videographer on the scene ensures you'll get all the details from your day—wrapped up in one sweet video you can treasure for years to come.

If you're still not sold on the idea, here are five reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer:

1. Wedding videos are not what you think.

Throw out the idea that a wedding videographer means lights-camera-action in your face all night. Today's videographers embrace a more documentary styleof filming, meaning you might not even notice them until they're handing you a stunning video of your day. Plus, video can also be taken in a variety of styles.

2.Video captures sounds that your photos can't.

A substantial reason why you should hire a wedding videographer? Video captures audible moments, such as your mom's tearful words of wisdom before the ceremony, your father's reaction to seeing you in your outfit or your grandmother's laugh as she dances with your grandfather. These are the memories you'll cherish long after your wedding day, and a video will preserve them forever. And whether you write your own or go traditional, there's no better way to document your vow exchange. Video can also capture important reception moments, such as toasts and songs (first dance, anyone?) for you to share with your family in the future.

3.Video captures the in-between moments.

Yes, your photographer will get both posed and candid shots, but for everything in between, you need a videographer. And since there's no posing, you won't have to worry about looking stiff or awkward on film. All you have to do is enjoy the party.

4.Wedding videos are not hour-long sagas.

Forget the idea of a wedding video that plays out like a boring slideshow. Instead, your videographer will simply capture the sweetest highlights and package them into an engaging three- to five-minute reel. Also, same-day edits are one of the hottest trends in wedding videography, meaning your videographer will capture the best moments from the getting-ready process (and even include footage from the ceremony) to be played at the reception. Pretty cool, right? Your guests will love the behind-the-scenes look as you and your partner prepare for your big moment.

5.Videography lets you experiment with style.

If you're extra-concerned about your wedding photos looking timeless (they're going to be displayed in your home for years to come, after all), your video can be a little trendier while still looking classic. Work with a professional wedding videographer to find a creative style that works best for you.

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