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Kate + Derek 1.28.22

It all started out as a simple business trip to film a wedding on Friday January 28th at the Weylin in Williamsburg of Brooklyn, NYC. We packed our checked bag with the larger items and heavy winter coats as well as two backpacks and two rolling carry-ons. We only brought the most essential gear in order to travel light. We avoided renting a car in the #BigApple so we would be walking from our #airbnb to the wedding; it was absolutely essential to be able to walk 10 minutes with our gear down the sidewalks of Williamsburg.

We took an #Uber from our house to the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport on Thursday around 3:40pm. After a 20 minute ride, we checked our bag, and got in line at security. There was not a huge line but we had enough time to chat with a friend who we saw in line behind us who was ironically on our connecting flight to Atlanta. The “taxi ride” (as the pilot called it) over to Atlanta took about 40 minutes (during which we ate our sandwiches we brought from home) and we walked across the hall to our next gate to wait for our flight to board for LaGuardia. We landed around 9:40pm in New York and I immediately got a text that our flight home on Saturday was canceled.

We retrieved our checked bag, rebooked a flight for Sunday evening, called an Uber, and sat down in our airbnb by 11pm that night. We took in the beautiful city view from our window (we could see the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and the Weylin!) and talked to a fellow photographer for almost an hour and a half about our lives in the industry.

In the morning we made oatmeal and tea we brought from home and re-packed our bags that we would be taking with us to the Weylin. We pulled the large bag over to the venue so we could check out the route to get there and the venue space. Derek, the groom, was shocked we showed up early; maybe he thought it was later than it was, which would have been an issue since they were still setting everything up at that time. We went down the street to Beatnic for lunch, which was one of the best gluten-free vegan meals we have ever experienced. We walked back to the airbnb, changed into our formal attire, and walked back to the venue.

We met the photographer, Kevin, and his second shooter Rose (short for Roosevelt) and we started our work. The couple was one of the sweetest we have ever had the pleasure to work with. They had a first look and a 6 minute ceremony! They joined their cocktail hour, we grabbed their guests for shout-outs, they served dinner, we ate, then Kate (the bride) changed dresses. Two guys from the haikuists set up a table to give everyone #freehaiku.

The reception moved into the lounge for the first dance. Kate’s sister played guitar and sang while Kate and Derek performed their choreographed dance. We took the couple outside one last time before we left to get our last couple shots in the snowfall and Derek killed the dance floor the rest of the night!

Did it snow. And snow… and SNOW. It snowed nonstop until 3pm the next day! We ate breakfast and lunch in the airbnb, walked down the middle of the streets of Brooklyn, took the L line over to #Manhattan and visited the northern part of Central Park where we saw the most gorgeous sunset.

We took the subway back down to look around in Times Square and ate dinner at Beyond Sushi. We went back to Brooklyn and stopped by OTB, where our airbnb host is the bartender. He made us some unique original cocktails with gin and insisted we have a pickleback with bourbon and house-made pickle juice.

The next morning we were out of food so we walked 15 minutes in the frozen snow to The Butcher’s Daughter for breakfast. Everyone said we had to visit DUMBO so we walked over to the South Williamsburg Ferry terminal and that’s where we saw the Statue of Liberty way off in the distance. DUMBO would have probably been a much better experience had my shoes not been completely soaked and frozen, but we had lunch at Love & Dough. Really. Good. Pizza.

After that, we made one long walking/missingtheferry/walking/ferrying/Ubering/flying journey back home and stepped into our house just after 11pm. Do we love to travel? Absolutely! Are we excited to show you the footage from our trip to Brooklyn? ECSTATIC!


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