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"I remember running around with a camera when I was younger thinking it was the coolest thing ever! Little did I know that hobby would eventually become my career. Whether I was taking photos or grabbing the camcorder to capture my friends and family members on home videos, storytelling has always been a big deal to me. I have always had a sentimental side for holding onto memories.


I filmed my first wedding in 2016. The thing I loved about it most was that it was centered around love, celebration, and capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments. This couple chose me to spend the biggest day of their lives with them so that they could have a way to relive their precious memories. 


Being the visual person that I am, movies have always been a love of mine as well. Now I get to create my own movies in the form of meaningful and cinematic wedding films. The only difference is that a wedding day is real life. You will notice in my films that I tend to blend together those raw, emotional moments both big and small with my own cinematic, artistic flare - each one personalized based on each couple's unique story.

Aside from filmmaking, some other fun facts about me that bring me joy are my love for dogs (specifically my 2 weiner dogs), yoga, nature, playing drums, eating a vegan diet, and traveling with Kayla!" 



"I took an interest to photography at a very young age. I took photos at all of our family events including a friend's wedding. In school I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I started out with a major in forensics, then changed it to music education, and settled on music theory. After graduating, I contemplated pursuing a masters in theory but I wasn’t THAT much of a nerd. I took a semester off (since I was enough of a nerd to graduate a semester early) and finished a Master’s program for the entertainment business after 2 years, with the hopes of being an agent for an artist. Meanwhile, I had a baby a month before I graduated and when I went back to work at the call center where I was currently working, Jen was hired while I was on maternity leave. So, as it turns out, I did become an agent for an artist - of sorts. She turned out to be a musician, but instead of living the rockstar life, we deliver beautiful works of art encompassing the love another couple has for each other on their wedding day."

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"I filmed my first wedding in 2017 and since then I’ve been able to film over 60 weddings along with music videos, product videos, sports videos, and many other types of videos. My favorite part of filming weddings is getting to show the couple’s personality through the little details in the wedding day and the candid moments! Outside of filmmaking I work on cars, make costumes for comiccons, and enjoy watching tv shows with my dog Cheese!"



"Filmmaking has always been a passion of mine, especially when it comes to weddings! Having the opportunity to meet couples and learn what makes their love so unique, and being able to turn their experiences into a cinematic story, is a feeling like no other. When I’m not filming a wedding, you’ll most likely find me in the mountains somewhere with my dog!"

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"As a filmmaker, I strive to capture the emotion, the feelings, and the passion of the moment. I love the path that filmmaking has set me on for over 6 years. From traveling the nation with bands on tour, working with amazing non-profit organizations, to shooting the most beautiful weddings you could imagine. That is one of my favorite parts of working with a camera, you never know what to expect! I started out in high school just using my phone to take pictures of my cat, but that slowly evolved taking college photo classes, to eventually trying my hand at video.  Once I got my hands on editing software and actually dove deeper into the filmmaking world, it was something I quickly fell in love with and has helped lead me to where I am today. 


Outside of filmmaking, I enjoy playing and watching sports, especially disc golf! Almost anything outside interests me - from hiking, walking the city, or even just a nice ride with the windows down. Other than the outdoors, I love hanging with friends and I love watching movies. The dream-like life a movie can entrance you in is something like nothing else, in my opinion!"



"I got started filming weddings when I was 15 years old, since then I have had the pleasure of capturing over 50 weddings including those of close friends and even family. I love being able to assist in each person's special day and making those beautiful memories last a lifetime.

In my free time I enjoy working on personal video projects, gaming with my wife, loving on our three pups and spending a little time developing my own indie games."

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"I started my photography career at Eckerd Drug Store, developing film in 2002.  In 2004, I started at Walt Disney World where I became a part of the Disney Photopass team. I worked there for the next 9 years doing everything: from working at all the themeparks and waterparks, worked as around the World Showcase Epcot photographer, performed quality assurance, and was Royal Photographer at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo-Boutique.


Your wedding day is all about you - and my photographs will reflect that.  I’m passionate about capturing the moments or that true love that shines through your special day.  It’s why I became a professional Photographer. 

Over the years, my lens has witnessed the magic of more than 30 weddings annually - each one a unique tapestry of love, joy, and celebration. It is a privilege to be entrusted with immortalizing these precious memories for couples and their families. Through my lens, I strive to document the raw emotions, intricate details, and fleeting moments that make each wedding a truly extraordinary event."

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