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This wife-wife dynamic duo launched Weaver Wedding Films into motion with the goal of being our own bosses while capturing cherished memories and presenting them through captivating cinematic films. We are committed to creating cinematic, dramatic, and timeless wedding films that capture every moment of a couple's wedding, from the smallest details to the deepest emotions, sharing the story of the true and sincere love they share. We put lots of love and care into our films and when you watch them you will notice they are much different than your average wedding video.

Well before creating our brand, our passion for filmmaking turned into award-winning work. Weaver Wedding Films has traveled to places like Brooklyn, NYC, Sanibel Island, FL, San Diego, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Charleston, SC, to capture couples’ most sentimental moments and present them in a cinematic video.

When you choose us as your video team you may meet some of our other filmmakers and crew. We have worked hard to build a strong collection of associate teams personally trained, trusted, and loved by us. You can check out some films shot by our team here. We take great pride in the work all of us do together as a team to capture the emotions and tell your story.

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I am passionate. Adventure-seeking. An achiever. Growing up, I always picked hobbies that required a lot of commitment. Tee ball, baseball, soccer. Tae Kwon Do. When I was 10, my granddad brought me to a competition in Jacksonville, FL. I saw the 6-foot trophy and said I was going to take that one home. And so I did. I earned my black belt the next year. 


I come from a family of musicians. My dad is a percussionist, so naturally, I wanted to do that, too. I earned my spot on the drumline at TL Hanna playing snare as a freshman in high school. I earned my position as a freshman snare player for Clemson in 2006 playing in the Tiger Band too. For several years I lived the rockstar life and was the full-time house drummer for the local dueling piano bar, Jack n’ Diane’s. 

Before realizing my passion for filmmaking I graduated from college unsure of which direction I wanted my life to go. I started working full-time for a call center and hated it. However, this job gifted me with two positive things. First off, it gave me the opportunity to meet Kayla, my best friend, future wife, and now amazing business partner. Second, it gave me the push I needed to pursue a career that would make me happy and allow me the flexibility to have more time to cherish the things that matter most. I went back to school to graduate with a degree in Media Arts Production and the rest is history. Now instead of working every day for "the man," I get to be my own boss while traveling the world with the love of my life and telling the love stories of our amazing couples.


When I am not behind the camera I enjoy cuddling with my weiner dogs, spending time outdoors, playing sports (I play first base for my local kickball team, "Pitches Love Me" - we are pretty serious), doing anything in the water, eating delicious vegan food while sipping on a nice glass of wine, champagne, or hard cider, and nerding out over movies and TV shows. Some of my favorites are Star Wars, Back to the Future, Breaking Bad, and How I Met Your Mother.



I’m romantic. I cry at everyone’s wedding. Guaranteed. I love trying new vegan and gluten-free recipes at home and new restaurants when we travel. One of my favorite memories is getting veganized traditional Thanksgiving foods and eating our Thanksgiving dinner on Waikiki Beach during our honeymoon.


In school I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I started out with a major in forensics, then changed it to music education, and settled on music theory. After graduating, I contemplated pursuing a masters in theory but I wasn’t THAT much of a nerd. I took a semester off (since I was enough of a nerd to graduate a semester early) and finished a Master’s program for the entertainment business after 2 years, with the hopes of being an agent for an artist. Meanwhile, I had a baby a month before I graduated and when I went back to work at the call center where I was currently working, Jen was hired while I was on maternity leave. So, as it turns out, I did become an agent for an artist - of sorts. She turned out to be a musician, but instead of living the rockstar life, we deliver beautiful works of art encompassing the love another couple has for each other on their wedding day.

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During the week I have clients who ask me to come into their home and I happily go through their closets and junk drawers. Seriously though, when I’m not organizing for my own clients, Jen has been slowly passing along her wisdom. Years ago I started out watching to make sure the camera was recording. Of course my shot was out of focus the entire time, but the red light was on! Today I am Weaver Wedding Films’ official second shooter and I filmed a wedding solo in 2022. I organize our couples’ wedding footage in the editing room and I even try my hand - literally- at some editing every now and then. 

My life has taken many forks I never saw coming. I was never a dog person and I now have a step-dog daughter Mylie who adopted me immediately and we adopted Luke Skywalker a few years later. Serendipitously, Jen and I used to take swing dance lessons before we knew each other, in the same bar that is now turned into a wedding venue and I always have an at the ready dance partner. At your reception, you probably won’t be able to stop me from dancing in between filming and planning our next shot.


Today, instead of filming and editing for other companies, we spend our time at the yoga studio or the gym, getting to know our clients, going to Broadways, and telling our dogs to stop barking. 

2021 8.21 shorty  film festival.jpeg

In 2019, we made the decision to commit to being vegan together in order to complement our dedication to our health, the animals, and the environment. Announcing this life change to our families was a challenge at first but it has been one of the most rewarding decisions we have ever made in our lives. The fact we can do it together makes it that much better.


Of course, the proposal was a video that Jen had made in secret for Kayla to watch before popping the question. And yes, when we finally married each other on October 11, 2020, we had our guests watch that same video at the start of our ceremony. We added a little section at the end so we could edit the proposal and ceremony together. Just ask if you’d like to watch it! Our favorite part was our officiant Shana telling everyone that Jen didn’t want anything centered around being gay, even though our wedding was on National Coming Out Day, on a Sunday, in the South.



To put it simply, we are a dynamic duo dream team. The Yin and Yang. Jen is the extrovert, artist, and big-picture thinker, while Kayla is the introvert, detail-oriented rule follower. Together we balance each other out completely. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses allows us to step up or down based on our individual skills and talents. This really shines when we work together as a team in both life and especially throughout your entire experience with us. We make sure we check all the boxes and nothing is missed. We are so lucky to share so many common interests and values together. We are constantly working on ourselves - physically and mentally - to produce our best work and best selves in order to best serve each other and all of you.

As much as we love our work, we make an effort to slow down and take time for ourselves to spend time with each other, our family, and our pups - and just enjoy the world around us. When we first started dating, we started practicing yoga together. That has become a big part of our lives and has greatly influenced our mental and physical health. 


We love the adventure of traveling to new places together. For our honeymoon, we chose to spend 2 weeks exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawaii. If you have never visited we highly recommend it because it was the most amazing place we have ever been and the locals have ahola. Experiencing new things and places is important to us because it reminds us of how valuable time is. “Try slow” is one of our favorite quotes. We found it nailed to trees all over the islands and remind ourselves of this tactic daily.


Watch our Wedding Teaser Film

M U S I C - V I D E O S



Time is our most valuable resource. We are grateful to be able to spend more time than most people can with our family. We cherish this extra time given to us to spend with our pups Mylie and Luke and our son Juanfer. It brings us joy to share our time we have with our couples to make sure their precious memories with their loved ones are captured forever in a beautiful way.

We are lucky enough to be able to work together everyday and travel the world getting to know our couples. We get to be a big part of their lives by spending such a monumental day with them and creating something they will cherish forever. We are in love with our own love story and realize the importance of keeping a relationship strong.

Our clients appreciate and have a love for art in the form of cinematic, and natural film, share a passion for each other, love travel and adventure, are ready to pop the champagne, celebrate, and party with us.



Our goal is to create a captivating film that captures the visible splendor and intangible emotions of your wedding, providing you with a cherished memory you can relive for years to come. By adopting a relaxed approach that puts you at ease, it enables you to fully immerse yourselves on your special day, comfortable in knowing that we will capture every important moment as a dream you can relive forever in the form of a stunning cinematic film.

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COMMUNICATION We prioritize what is most important to you so you can trust that your vision and expectations are understood and fulfilled.

CONNECTION We get to know you and your partner to fully understand the emotions and energy between you and your loved ones and choose the candid moments and dialogue from the day that best tells your story.

INTUITION We immortalize your wedding day's essence by anticipating and capturing important moments, whether grand or subtle.

DETAIL The attention we pay to detail creates your visually stunning film and is essential to retelling your unique story and reminding you of the little things that otherwise may have been forgotten.

ADVENTUROUS We live and work with an adventurous spirit from using filming techniques to selecting locations and ultimately making you look your best - and let's be real, just super cool.




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