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Community over competition

There are so many lessons to be learned. From experience. From peers. From experts. From mistakes. From success. Owning a business is an exponential learning curve and when you’re on the right path, the going gets good and quick. We had a booth for the first time at the Wedding Festival at the Greenville Convention Center. We had no idea what to expect, only being there before as brides and for another company. Our fellow vendors were courteous and excited that we were joining the ranks among the dedicated wedding professional community. We took selfies with old acquaintances and met lots of new friends. As a wedding vendor, it is extremely important to make lasting relationships because we never know who we will work with. We may never know who we will refer. We may never know who we might need to ask a favor from one day. Even if a vendor does not act or do business in a way we agree with, we can learn from that experience and use it to our advantage. Besides, it doesn’t effect us in the least, it’s just an opinion, and that should be kept to ourselves. There was a brief vendor meeting before brides and guests were allowed to come visit our booths. They reviewed the rules we needed to abide by and we also mourned the passing of a fellow industry vendor. It was very touching to see just how much everyone cared about this man who made such an impact on everyone’s lives. Everyone wore purple ribbons as a sign of remembrance. Seeing just how many people cared about this one person made me realize that this community in Greenville is very special. Now that we have a place, I know that we will be cared for as well. Having a good relationship with industry peers is important because we are the backbone to your special day. Your caterer, bartender, cake baker, rental service, entertainment/dj, officiant, videographer, photographer, and coordinator/planner, and all of the other merchants along the way, have been small pieces in creating an amazing memorable day for you and your loved ones. As professionals, we understand the dynamic that everyone brings and what to expect from them. This is probably your first time being on the other side of planning a party, but it is far from the first time for us. We know that you are depending on us to do our best work and we expect that from each other as well, so that we may do our jobs to the best of our abilities. Choosing vendors that know each other and know how to work in tandem is an important component to your wedding day. Photographers and videographers will be working very closely throughout the day. They should be respectful to figure out a way to stay out of each other’s shots before the ceremony starts. They should be courteous to give the other person an opportunity to get the coverage they need while shooting with the couple. Weaver Wedding Films will always strive to earn and keep those relationships so that your wedding day will flow seamlessly and you will have the best wedding video possible.

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