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Destination Weddings

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Warm sand, bright sun, and ocean waves.

Destination wedding videographer

Bright stars, bright lights, big city, and night life.

Cool crisp air, forest shade, birds chirping, and running water.

No matter your preference for climate or atmosphere, on land or water, there is a place for you on your special day. This will look like a mountain lodge, beach villa, European castle, rustic barn, cliffed coast, historic city, or even a beautiful ranch.

Destination weddings are all about the location and the atmosphere.

Surrounding yourself with your loved ones in a place that emanates your essence is the dream on your wedding day. Weddings are about happiness and joining two lives together, which will leave a lasting memory for you.

Wedding photography captures individual moments from your day. Put them together in a book and they tell the story.

Wedding videography shows your story and captures the original audio of exchanging vows and expressing love for one another. You relive these moments over and over again watching your wedding film.

Destination wedding activities for you and your beloved make the entire trip. Food, fun, and leisure make your memories deep and rich. This is your time to spend every moment how you want to, and you have no one to answer to but yourselves.

Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities of your dream destination wedding. You can either party your hearts out or have a dreamy intimate getaway in a city or on a secluded beach. You can share your nuptials on a frozen tundra and dance inside an igloo. European food and beverage more your style? Travel abroad and roam to your hearts desire. There is never a limit on your dreams.

Sure, a wedding could be held anywhere. When you’re looking for a unique experience, a once in a lifetime adventure to embody the vision of your special day, a destination wedding is exactly what you need.

Every destination wedding needs a destination videographer. Vet your vendors in advance. Make sure that you know, with confidence, that your team of videographers knows how to travel. Carrying sufficient gear through airports and other ground transportation methods can be an absolute nightmare. If your video professional is prepared correctly, they will only bring gear they need and carry it concisely. Traveling light brings new meaning to professionals who have multiple cameras, lenses, tripods, lights, and even drones to bring on board.

To make sure you know who you are asking to come along on your journey, check out their work. They should have work outside of their home base, and lots of it. If all you’re seeing is the same venues in all of their videos, that is a huge red flag. Ask all the questions you need. Find out what they will expect to be compensated in terms of the cost of travel. How many videographers they will be bringing with them and if they will be staying in the same room for the trip is essential.

Good luck on your destination wedding planning!

Contact us at Weaver Wedding Films to find out our availability for your plans!

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